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Too Sparrows and STELLAFAY Invite you to

Join us for a day of Self Care. Release mental, physical, emotional blockages with STELLAFAY through Private 45 minute V-Steam and/or Reiki Sessions.

While you wait , or after your session, you can shop at the amazing Too Sparrows for early christmas/Hannukah presents, or just to give yourself a post Halloween treat.

23 Lincoln Ave, Old Greenwich CT 06870



-Steam/ Yoni SteamVaginal
Steaming is an age old treatment that many cultures have utilized including ancient Egyptians, Asian Indians, Mayans, several indigenous Asian cultures, and also middle Eastern. It was something that was practiced monthly to cleanse, and more often if there was a specific ailment. It is a practice that we have lost in America, although because it is still prevalent in many African countries, and in Russia, and other parts of Asia, it can be found in pockets of the USA where these cultures are vibrant. Also Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan.  Vaginal Steaming is very healthy for a women to do at any time except during her monthly cycle, when pregnant, or with a high intensity yeast infection. It is very cleansing and tonifying for the Uterus and helps to keep us regular. It is a 45 minute treatment from start to finish and is not only relaxing but rejuvinating. V-steam can be a very meditative and healing experience. The client sits on a handmade stool over a bath of steaming herbs that are hand chosen by me, based on what your ailment is. The volatile oils from the herbs are carried by steam into the mucus membranes of the vaginal wall, which very quickly absorbs the healing herbal blend into your blood stream. While you sit with your warm steam bath, you are naked from the waist down, wrapped in blankets and I am giving you Reiki. Any and all herbs are organic and most of them I grow and dry myself.  Some practitioners suggest vaginal steaming as often as once a year to every other day depending on your health concerns or desires. v-steam is great for - Endometriosis, Amenorrhea, Fertility Enhancement, PCOS, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Acne, Irregular Cycle, Pre/Post Menopause, Post Pregnancy, Post Partum, Yeast and other Vaginal Infections, blocked Tubes, painful cramps.  this is my website and blog info


Reiki healing is a form of energy work in which the practitioner lays hands on the recipient, bringing universal healing energy to different parts of the body, mind, and spirit in order to remove blockages, open channels, and return people to a general state of health and well-being. 
Reiki can also be sent from afar regardless of whether the practitioner has ever met the client. For that reason, these sessions are available in person or by Skype or even email. I am a Reiki Master, and have also studied Holy Fire. When I am with a client in person channeling Reiki, I very often receive other psychic information that is pertinent to the client and helpful in healing. You don't have to be sick or ailing for Reiki healing. It is also helpful in every day life to help with outside and inside stressors.

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  Reiki LEVEL I Courses

I am very excited to announce this Reiki Level I courses:

Brooklyn, NY date TBD

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          Reiki is best explained as Universal Healing Energy. It is a light touch healing technique that is known to originate in Japan. Anyone can learn Reiki, even if you don’t plan to be a Reiki practitioner. It is a non denominational spiritual healing practice, which gently facilitates your own ability to find and maintain balance in your body, mind and spirit. A Reiki practice can also help you to discover meaning and purpose in life, often serving as a bridge to a better connection with yourself and others.

Taking the Reiki I course with Malin Landaeus changed my life forever. I am lucky to have my own Reiki practice, but I know many people that have learned Reiki who do not use it to make a living. (including Malin), but to enhance every aspect of their life .

It can help you with your job, with healing yourself, with relationships of all kinds, with family members, as well as helping you to be your best self. Reiki can help to bring you back to a feeling of wholeness.

I am so excited to share this knowledge and experience with you!

Course entails:

Reiki history and lineage

Reiki principles and practices

Reiki Course Book

Learn and practice the basic hand positions of Reiki

Reiki Attunements


Follow-up and evaluation

The course will be two full days starting from 10 am until 4pm.

I will be providing snacks and some food. (Please let me know any dietary requirements, allergies, etc…)

The Course fee is $300. There is a $50 non refundable deposit to hold your space in the class and pay for materials.

 Please email me or sign up if you are interested in joining us for this class. I am very excited to offer it.

Stella Fay


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