"Part of what makes the way that I do things different is ME."

I am a Certified Reiki Master direct lineage from Usui.

I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach graduated from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

I have studied with mentors and healers and friends to learn several other healing modalities and ways to bring light into the world.

I’ve been a witch, a fairy,  a writer, an artist, a fashion designer, a stylist, a mother, a sister, an Aunt, a gypsy, a healer and a friend to name a few.

In the future I wish to be all of those things, plus, a surfer, folk singer, philanthropist, priestess.  My goal is to help to bring you to your highest good and to help to save the world.

Please contact me using any of the platforms below. I work out of NYC, Brooklyn NY, and Upstate NY and also anywhere else in the world through Skype, or Facetime.