Stella is a healing force of nature! From the moment she entered the room for our session, I felt a strong spiritual energy emanating from her. And as soon as she started practicing reiki on me I experienced a profound sense of relaxation and peace. The most amazing thing about Stella (and there are many things to choose from!) is the way she incorporates intuitive insights and advice into her sessions. Stella was the catalyst for an amazing energetic and healing transformation I recently experienced. I’m a holistic health junkie (colonics, cryo, acupuncture, sauna, vitamin drip, etc.) but I have to say seeing Stella was the best money on health I’ve ever spent. On top of it all she’s a really cool, caring, stylish chick! I feel so lucky that I found Stella and I recommend her to all my friends!

KATIE KAPS  President at Churchkey and Co founder at HigherDOSE


President at Churchkey and Co founder at HigherDOSE

When Stella places her hands on you, healing, comfort and endless possibilities flood your heart and body in an amazing experience.



“Stella has such strong and confident wisdom in her energy. It’s greater then her years and allows a client, new or seasoned, to feel cared for, protected and respectfully assisted to accomplish the goals they set without judgement or interference. The unconditional love is felt days after the session.”

Stella is an amazing soul, unlike anyone I have met before. Somewhat skeptical going into my first Reiki session, I was surprised to feel how wonderfully passive an experience it was and could feel my state of being gradually shift, emerging more relaxed, refreshed and reenergized. My mind was content and I had an incredible sense of lightness- something I have not felt in a very long time. Plus I slept like a baby that night. Stella was very professional and clearly described the process and how she structures her sessions so I had an idea of what to expect. The entire experience was wonderful and Stella’s energy is so comforting and beautiful that I couldn’t resist the urge to hold her hand afterward. Our discussion after the session was positive and insightful, offering me a clarity and focus that I truly needed.






ANNE ROGERS   Owner of Munroe Jewelry      


 Owner of Munroe Jewelry



MARIA DEMARCO  Shamanic Energy Facilitator and Life Coach         


Shamanic Energy Facilitator and Life Coach






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