Holistic Home/Office/Basement/ Storage Space Clearing, Styling and Organization

I work with you or on my own to physically purge and clear out the physical blocks in your homes. Creating movement in places where things get stuck. Garages, offices, dens, closets, etc... Part Mare Kondo, part David Allan, I help you to sell stuff, give it away, ecologically throw it away, and get it out of your home. I will also re-organize and re-style your homes, with you or without you.

This work is like giving Reiki to your living space or office space, and it CLEARS the way for everything to flow. This service not only helps you to get rid of overwhelming, and unnecessary items in your home, but inspires you to reorganize and rejuvenate in many aspects of your life.

This house clearing helps with relationships with family members, and partners, feeling at home in your home, feeling organized, clearing overwhelm, having space in your home, and in your mind. It also helps with bringing in money and losing weight. We are all overwhelmed at times, but you don’t have to do this alone, and that is always a great feeling.

I come to your home and lift any unstuck energies, using Reiki energy, my hands, my artistic aesthetic and organizational skills.

Services include:

Reiki and Energetic clearing of your home.

Physical moving , purging, selling, donating, and simply clearing away objects that are not serving you any longer.

Organizing home, home office spaces, closets, and kitchens.

Purging, and re-organizing, styling your closet and clothing area.

Purging foods in your refrigerator and pantry that no longer serve you. Nutritional and herbal guidance to foods and vitamins/supplements etc that bring more inspiration, energ, focus, and vibrancy to your life.

Selling clothing, furniture and housewares on line for you. Giving away any unwanted versions of those items to those in need, locally and abroad.

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Reiki healing is a form of energy work in which the practitioner lays hands on the recipient, bringing universal healing energy to different parts of the body, mind, and spirit in order to remove blockages, open channels, and return people to a general state of health and well-being. 

Reiki can also be sent from afar regardless of whether the practitioner has ever met the client. For that reason, these sessions are available in person or by Skype or even email.

I am a Reiki Master, and have also studied Holy Fire. When I am with a client in person channeling Reiki, I very often receive other psychic information that is pertinent to the client and helpful in healing. You don't have to be sick or ailing for Reiki healing. It is also helpful in every day life to help with outside and inside stressors.



Blocked energy

Hormone imbalance

Emotional Imbalance

Physical Imbalance


Relationship issues

Chakra opening, balance

Cleansing bodies or spaces

Releasing every day known or unknown stressors

Pets with anxiety or other ailments



Vaginal Steaming is an age old treatment that many cultures have utilized including ancient Egyptians, Asian Indians, Mayans, several indigenous Asian cultures, and also middle Eastern tribes. It was something that was practiced monthly to cleanse, and more often if there was a specific ailment. It is a practice that we have lost in America, although it is still prevalent in several African countries, in Russia, and other parts of Asia, it can be found in pockets of the USA where these cultures are vibrant. Also Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan.

Vaginal Steaming is very healthy for a women to do at any time except during her monthly cycle, when pregnant, or with a high intensity yeast infection. It is very cleansing and tonifying for the Uterus and helps to keep us regular. It is a 45 minute treatment from start to finish and is not only relaxing but rejuvinating. V-steam can be a very meditative and healing experience. The client sits on a handmade stool over a bath of steaming herbs that are hand chosen by me, based on what your ailment is. The volatile oils from the herbs are carried by steam into the mucus membranes of the vaginal wall, which very quickly absorbs the healing herbal blend into your blood stream. While you sit with your warm steam bath, you are naked from the waist down, wrapped in blankets and I am giving you Reiki. Any and all herbs are organic and most of them I grow and dry myself.

Some practitioners suggest vaginal steaming as often as once a year to every other day depending on your health concerns or desires.

v-steam is great for -

Endometriosis, Amenorrhea, Fertility Enhancement, PCOS, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Acne, Irregular Cycle, Pre/Post Menopause, Post Pregnancy, Post Partum, Yeast and other Vaginal Infections, blocked Tubes, painful cramps.


Please contact me using any of the platforms below. I work out of NYC, Brooklyn NY, and Upstate NY and also anywhere else in the world via Skype, or Facetime. If you must cancel a session please do so within 48 hours for a half price refund. Under 24 hours notice the client is expected to pay full price for the session.